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[C122] Black Wool / Red Leather

Black Wool / Red Leather
Black Wool / Red Leather

    Black Wool / Red Leather

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Varsity Jackets - The Old New Trend. When it comes to fashion trends, one thing is for sure, there will be nothing too new or too old, everything goes round like a continuous cycle. That's why if you are planning to throw away your old varsity jacket, THINK TWICE. You may never know when these jackets will come back into fashion and you will sport a fashion hit. Nowadays, everything goes around 1990's trends by reinventing some of past years trends, like a Varsity jacket, or so called “Letterman jacket”.

Wool Body Color: Black
Leather Sleeve Color: Red
Snap Color: Red
Leather Pocket Color: Red
Knit Trim Pattern: 2 stripes
Knit Trim Base Color: Black
Knit Trim Stripes Color: Red
Inside chest pocket

Retail Price: $249.00

$79. to $149.

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