[CV101] Black Wool/White Vinyl

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  • Classic Collar
  • Wool Body Color: Black
  • Vinyl Sleeve Color: White
  • Snap Color: White
  • Vinyl Pocket Color: White
  • Knit Trim Pattern: 2 Stripes
  • Knit Trim Base Color: Black
  • Knit Trim Stripes Color: White
  • Jacket lining: Lightweight

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About this jacket

The iconic American black and white letterman jacket, made of 24 ounce black wool body with white vinyl sleeves.

Not only are letterman jackets are worn by school athletes, they have taken over the fashion world! At one time the varsity jacket was considered to be the ultimate status symbol for high school and college athletes. Fast forward to the present day and the same preppy jacket, once coveted by jocks, has become one of the biggest trends in today’s fashion. Street style trendsetters have been rocking the collegiate trend since we first saw it pop up in the 50's, and it shows no signs of losing steam anytime soon. Be unique and choose your own lettering and patches to make your personal statement.

Letterman jackets are known throughout the world. In US they are referred to as varsity jackets, letterman jackets, letter jackets and award jackets. They are called leaver jackets in Australia and New Zealand. In Germany, and throughout many countries in Europe, they are known as college jackets while in the UK they are known as both baseball jackets and bomber jackets. They are even called hockey jackets in Canada. Whatever you call them they are a true American icon statement and Stewart & Strauss is the leading manufacturer. We ship worldwide.

Our varsity jackets are a must for every field hockey player, band member, track and field athlete, softball player, scholar, table tennis player, drama student, cross country runner, swimmer, band member, golfer, tennis player, cyclist, bowler, volleyball player, wrestler, football player, baseball player, polo player, student cheerleader or soccer player.