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World's Largest Selection Of Varsity Letterman Jackets & Sweaters Since 1977


Stewart & Strauss, LLC is an International garment manufacturer and retailer with it’s primary focus on varsity letterman jackets and outerwear. Our clear cut direction is to bring true American iconic fashion directly to consumers throughout the world.

Our Story

When it comes time to order a varsity letterman jacket, authenticity is key. At Stewart & Strauss, we take pride in crafting the original varsity letterman jacket. Since 1977, our jackets have been the preferred choice for high schools, colleges, athletic associations, companies, and individuals alike. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, we ship our iconic jackets worldwide, making Stewart & Strauss accessible from Alabama to Zimbabwe.

Our commitment to creating the best letterman jackets for both men and women remains our top priority. We preserve traditional styling, offer bulk discounts, and source genuine top-quality leather and wool, exceeding all expectations. Customization is a cornerstone of our work.

When you design a custom letterman jacket through Stewart & Strauss, the possibilities are endless. With sizes from youth XS to adult 6XL, various lengths, millions of color combinations, countless styles, and a wide range of custom options, your online varsity letterman jacket order becomes a truly one-of-a-kind creation.

Additionally, our ready-to-ship collection provides the perfect canvas for decorating and designing a varsity jacket from home. Whether you’re shopping for your team or group letterman jackets or exploring deals in our overstock inventory, we offer competitive prices without compromising quality.

As you enjoy Hollywood blockbusters, flip through old school photo albums, and reminisce about sports culture, classic letterman jackets emerge as a common thread across generations. Today, their timeless appeal resonates in sports franchises, schools and universities, and celebrity circles globally. Our Stewart & Strauss family has remained unwavering in our iconic varsity jacket design, worn by top athletes, A-list celebrities, and mainstream artists.

They say they don’t make them like they used to, but at Stewart & Strauss, we certainly do!

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Our jackets have been, and continue to be, worn by some of the most notable celebrities around on the planet. From musicians to film stars and athletes to politicians. Here are a few of the many testimonials that we have received over the years that says it all ….

“Many thanks for all the years (over 20 now) of your professional service. Your jackets speak for themselves. Besides using your fine jackets for my personal use they have proven to be wonderful promotional products as well. You have done a marvelous job in duplicating the cover of my original book on your jackets and now I have presented them as gifts to some of the people at DreamWorks Entertainment for the movie ‘Catch Me If You Can’ including; Jeff Nathanson, Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken. Once again, my sincere appreciation for your attention to every detail.” Warmest Regards, Frank W. Abagnale, Washington, DC (USA)

“I have always dreamed of having company lettermen jackets like the ones I got from the folks at Stewart & Strauss. I told them what I had in mind and they came up with a jacket design that surpassed my every expectation. They look great, fit perfectly, and have stood up to years of wear and tear. My four sons have a jacket “just like Dad’s” and we wear them with pride together. The Jacket Shop over-delivers on the high expectations it sets. I have ordered dozens of jackets and each one is a gem!” Michael Danziger, President, The Steppingstone Foundation, Boston, MA (USA)

“A few years ago your letterman jackets were received by DTM Research. They were then provided to each employee as a special reward for hard work on a specific project, in addition to a special bonus. As I see people wearing the jackets, I am amazed at how good they look these few years later. In addition to the jackets quality and attractive look, I appreciate the time and effort on helping us select the correct jacket and material.”

“We have a very difficult logo and you mastered it the first try. Your suggestions to enhance the appearance such as the barely noticed (I thought at first) thin green line of thread around the cuff where amazingly correct. The softness of the leather is really pleasing to the touch and look. I appreciate your listening to our desires, attention to detail and quality, plus continued contact as you improved product. The order was prompt and arrived in good condition. We will be ordering again.” Jim Sullivan, Director of Administration, DTM Research , Laurel, MD (USA)

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