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World's Largest Selection Of Varsity Letterman Jackets & Sweaters Since 1977


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After Over 47 Years, Stewart & Strauss Continues to Offer the World’s Largest Selection of Varsity Letterman Jackets & Letter Sweaters

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA – July 16, 2024Having shipped varsity letterman jackets and letter sweaters to thousands of schools, businesses, organizations, and individuals worldwide, Stewart & Strauss has a far-reaching reputation for quality. Family owned since 1977, this Scottsdale, Arizona-headquartered company is not only preserving iconic Americana through an eclectic varsity jacket and sweater collection, but also expanding the look to patrons everywhere from South America to Asia through their website,

Over the years, Stewart & Strauss has remained committed to authenticity and personalization. Now, digital advancements have led to even greater convenience for patrons through their online build a varsity jacket tool. In turn, coaches, business leaders, and individual trendsetters alike can immediately see their designs before placing their orders. Customization include fabrics, styles, embroideries, patches and more, all the way down to the button colors.

If you’re seeking a custom varsity jacket or sweater for personal wear or for an entire team, you can have peace of mind knowing that Stewart & Strauss has no minimum order quantity and offers detail-driven quality for every size and style.

Some of the most consistent and popular offerings of Stewart & Strauss are for groups, including sports teams, music groups, companies, and beyond. In bulk orders, the same fabrics and colors are used for multiple jackets and sweater, contributing to a more efficient production process. That’s why for 6 jackets or more, Stewart & Strauss passes these savings onto patrons, offering a group discount based on volume all while maintaining uncompromising quality.

Although Stewart & Strauss has supported pro athletes and celebrities alike with custom varsity jackets, they remain steadfast in their commitment to everyday individuals and students. They proudly display their loyal patrons through their photo gallery, serving as both a testament to their quality and a source of inspiration for future designs. While many of these images feature custom letterman jackets and letter sweaters, countless others are from the ready-to-ship collection.

Stewart & Strauss has gained a loyal following through the superior quality of their varsity jackets and the exceptional support they offer to patrons. For example, their jacket care recommendations provide the need to know for new jacket owners to preserve their investment for a lifetime. This resource includes care for satin, wool, vinyl, and leather, covering cleaning and storage.

Despite their ongoing dedication to preserving the timeless look of wool and leather varsity jackets, Stewart & Strauss offers satin bomber jackets as well. Their capabilities include custom made satin jackets, a staple for streetwear and baseball teams alike. Preview their personalized satin jackets before ordering. Customize with a full spectrum, including small and large options for lettering and patches.

Whether they’re shipping to New York or the Netherlands, Stewart & Strauss continues to meet and exceed expectations worldwide. Their in-stock ready-to-ship jackets ship within days and customized jackets ship within a few short weeks after an order is placed. Delivering a wardrobe statement cherished for a lifetime. Find the latest updates on social media with Stewart & Strauss.


After Over 47 Years, Stewart & Strauss Continues to Offer the World’s Largest Varsity Letterman Jacket & Letter Sweater Selection

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA – July 16, 2024With an international reputation for excellence, Stewart & Strauss has been preserving and expanding the timeless look of the varsity letterman jacket and letter sweater since 1977 through their website, Committed to authenticity and personalization, they not only offer the world’s largest in-stock varsity jacket collection, but also support customizations through their robust digital tool with no minimum order quantity.

As routine supporters of sports teams, businesses, and music groups worldwide, Stewart & Strauss offers a group discount program, providing bulk quantities without sacrificing quality. All the while, group decision-makers can customize colors, materials, styles, and more to match their affiliation. They proudly display their capabilities in their photo gallery, a testament to their versatility.

For first-time varsity jacket wearers, Stewart & Strauss offers jacket care guidance with the know-how necessary to ensure a lifetime of wear. This holistic knowledge base covers key information for custom made satin jackets as well in addition to wool, leather, and vinyl.

Serving as the name to know for varsity letterman jacket and letter sweater orders, Stewart & Strauss continues to support patrons of all sizes and styles, shipping orders within a few days for ready-to-ship options and just a few weeks for custom options. More information can be found via their website and social media pages.

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