Design Your Custom Varsity Jacket

There’s nothing quite like a personalized varsity letterman jacket. Using our online wizard tool, you can build your own varsity jacket, customizing everything including your choice of materials, colors, styles, size, embroideries, and more. Get started below!

Classic Wool Body Snaps Classic Wool Body Zipper
Classic Vinyl Body Snaps Classic Vinyl Body Zipper
Classic Leather Body Snaps Classic Leather Body Zipper
Retro Wool Body Snaps Retro Wool Body Zipper
Retro Vinyl Body Snaps Retro Vinyl Body Zipper
Retro Leather Body Snaps Retro Leather Body Zipper
Hoodie Wool Body Snaps Hoodie Wool Body Zipper
Hoodie Vinyl Body Snaps Hoodie Vinyl Body Zipper
Hoodie Leather Body Snaps Hoodie Leather Body Zipper
Satin Body Snaps Satin Body Zipper
Bottom Front Pockets Wool Sleeves Wool Front Sleeves Vinyl Front Sleeves Leather Front Sleeves Satin Front
Classic Wool Body Left Classic Vinyl Body Left Classic Leather Body Left
Retro Wool Body Left Retro Vinyl Body Left Retro Leather Body Left
Hoodie Wool Body Left Hoodie Vinyl Body Left Hoodie Leather Body Left
Satin Body Left
Bottom Left Pockets Left Sleeves Wool Left Sleeves Vinyl Left Sleeves Leather Left Sleeves Satin Left
Classic Wool Body Back Classic Vinyl Body Back Classic Leather Body Back
Retro Wool Body Back Retro Vinyl Body Back Retro Leather Body Back
Hoodie Wool Body Back Hoodie Vinyl Body Back Hoodie Leather Body Back
Satin Body Back
Bottom Back Sleeves Wool Back Sleeves Vinyl Back Sleeves Leather Back Sleeves Satin Back
Classic Wool Body Right Classic Vinyl Body Right Classic Leather Body Right
Satin Body Right
Retro Wool Body Right Retro Vinyl Body Right Retro Leather Body Right
Hoodie Wool Body Right Hoodie Vinyl Body Right Hoodie Leather Body Right
Bottom Right Pockets Right Sleeves Wool Right Sleeves Vinyl Right Sleeves Leather Right Sleeves Satin Right
Regular: $199 Sale $149

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Jacket Sleeves

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Jacket Pockets

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Inside Lining

Left Chest Personalization

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